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PROTRONIX s.r.o. - Company Profile

The main activity of Protronix company is development and production of industrial electronics including customer-tailored development and production of industrial electronics.

We are focused on application of single-chip microcontrollers, especially in the area of monitoring and regulating technology. We develop both hardware and software for particular equipment. Furthermore we produce internal air quality sensors, carbon dioxide sensors, relative humidity sensors, carbon dioxide data-loggers, ammonia data-loggers, control electronics for HVAC units, temperature controllers, sauna temperature controllers, solar heating controllers etc.

We can offer not only development of control electronics, but also customised production of electronics (from single pieces to medium scale production).


  • Czech company established in 2001
  • The base of our activity is our own development and production of industrial electronics
  • Many years of experience in the field of application of single-chip microcomputers in the area of industrial electronics
  • Production from testing samples to medium scale serial production
  • Certification ISO 9001:2009


The aim of environment protection policy of Protronix company is to produce products of best possible quality by ecologically tolerable manufacturing procedures and with minimal negative influence of the products on environment.

By design and production of high quality of electronics to improve uniqueness and competitive advantage of products of our clients.

The electronics could be used wherever for improving working and life conditions, complicated devices can be easy controlled.

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