HW Development
Common information

For professional result, it is crucial to have clear specification, what should the developed equipment exactly do, how it should work and all situations that can occur during operation must be taken into account, even if they are not apparently in direct relation with the required functionality of the equipment.

There is one simple rule – the better specification, the better result in the end of development. There are usually many questions that can be forgotten during ordering of development and that can lead to disagreeable consequences in terms of functionality – whether it is working temperatures range or required covering, storage temperatures range etc. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out an input analyses, where all the requirements for the equipment, all possible relations and potential extensions planned in the future are taken into account. It is also necessary to know what is the purpose of the designed equipment, who will use it and where, on which conditions etc., because then it is much easier to evaluate particular demands of the order and eventually adjust them or add something to them.

The output of analyses of the development task is a clear technical order and clear conception how the circuit solution will look like, what microprocessor will be used to have enough capacity and power for the given application, what input and output elements will be used, such as different types of relays, types of inputs etc..

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