Production of samples and testing

We use high quality technologies. According to specific requirements of each application, relevant microcontroller is selected, mostly from Atmel, Temic, Microchip, Cypress, manufacturers, depending on a type of application in order to reach the best possible results.

We implement new technologies

We are permanently trying to improve our knowledge in a dynamically changing field of microcontrollers and to use newly acquired knowledge in practice.

Design of the new equipment consists of several basic steps that are based (or more often are parallel) on the definition of the technical order – during that definition we already try to find the most optimal solution in terms of the requirements with aim to reach the best possible price/performance ratio.

First of all, connecting diagram is developed, with use of such components which at least correspond to the order requirements – or better, which have certain reserve for future extension. Therefore, it is important to have detail knowledge of all the requirements on possible alternatives.

After approval of the circuit solution, design of printed circuit board (PCB) follows. Design of the printed circuit is subject to requirements of the technical order, requirements for dimensions of the equipment, components used, planned production technology, planned number of pieces produced, material used for PCB production etc.

Air quality sensors