Common information
Production of samples and testing

Professional development tools are available for design of software for developed applications. They ensure high level of technical solution of the given project, minimize number of errors, reduce development time and help to reduce development costs. SW is developed by professionals with many years of experience with application of microprocessors in industrial electronics.

The programming itself is preceded by complex analyses of solution of the given project in term of SW, such analyses includes requirements both for functionality itself and for ways of testing during production, installation and service of the equipment. Based on the analyses carried out, the software for the given application is written. This process helps to reduce time needed for the programming itself and ensures good readability and clearness of the SW, faster debugging, fewer errors and easier maintenance, modifications and adding of new functions.

For most of microprocessors, the SW is written in C/C++ language that enables to reach high productivity and that is also very effective for single-chip microprocessors at the same time.

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