SW Development

Production can range from a single piece to medium and large batches. During production, surface-mount technology (SMT) and through-hole technology is used (THT). We use Lead-Free welding technology. Welding is done by machines and manually on Weller welding stations.The entire process takes place in an antistatic environment using bar and 2D codes for monitoring quality during production.

TWS automatic QUADRA LASER placement machine

Production technology

  • standard dimensions of cut-to-size element 250 x 300 mm
  • placement speed 2500 – 3000 components/ hour
  • placement of PCB with use of a dispenser
  • leadless soldering
  • placement of standard range of electro-components
  • places IC (lead spacing 0,5 mm)
  • centering of components by laser – external camera
  • minimal size of a box 0603

By setting up and correctly using an EPA or ESD protected areas in production department we minimize the level of failures of our products during production and later in life.

Air quality sensors