Protronix s.r.o. is a purely Czech company with a tradition spanning many years. The company supplies its customers with technologically advanced and functional solutions, especially in the fields of measuring, controls and automation technology. These solutions are, as a rule, built on the basis of single-chip microprocessors from various manufacturers.
Protronix works with its customers during the entire development process all the way through to production. Our experts have extensive knowledge and many years of experience in the field of microprocessor application in measuring, controls and automation technology. They will design control electronics tailored to meet the actual technology management needs of our customers.

Protronix can offer the following:

  • Cooperation during the entire process, from designing a solution, through choosing the most suitable option and developing HW and SW, to manufacturing medium-size batches
  • Our many years of know-how in the field of microprocessor application in measuring, control and automation technology
  • Control electronics tailored specifically to managing your technology
  • Optimal solutions with regard to functionality, reliability and price
  • Professional development facilities that ensure that the solution to each project is of the highest quality
  • Procurement of the required certificates with regard to electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) for the purposes of certificates of conformity
  • Possibility to extend the warranty on our products to 36 months or more
  • Analysis and identification of weaknesses of already existing problematic equipment, and proposals for suitable remedial measures
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