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Electromagnetic compatibility

The aim of electromagnetic compatibility requirements is to enable operation of various electronic equipment side by side without being negatively influenced by each other or without deteriorating functionality of one equipment by influence of another equipment working in close proximity. That is why standards define the maximal limits for value of interference that can be radiated by every electronic device into environment and minimal limits for exterior interference immunity. And when the rule that every equipment is more resistant than maximal allowed interference of another equipment is followed, then two different equipments can work side by side without any problems.

Especially the requirements in terms of electromagnetic compatibility must be taken into account at the very beginning of development, when there is still much to improve, but also much to impair and consequent removal of problems is very expensive and often even impossible. On the contrary, much money can be saved by good development and possible problems during approving of compliance with parameters in term of electromagnetic compatibility can be avoided.

Electric safety – LVD (Low Voltage Directive)

The aim of requirements for electric safety is to prevent possible damages to property or to health that can be caused by operation of electric equipment.

We follow the safety criteria and standards

We are holders of EN ISO 9001:2009 certification. Our products are examined in term of electrical safeness (LVD) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and fulfill prescriptions of European Union. The protocols of examines are made out for our products on the base of conformity statements.

Two essential things are required from electric and electronic equipment – electric safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

We develop all products with regard to compliance with safety criteria and of course, they also comply with valid EU standards in the area of electromagnetic compatibility. Therefore, the part of the development is also certification in term of safety against electrical accident Not until after that, we can tell that the development is successfully finished.

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